Gut Check

You know when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the reflection of a window or glass door and you silently, subconsciously judge yourself? Or perhaps for you it’s after you eat something decadent and the guilt creeps in, then you check yourself in the mirror; subconscious, subtle judging. I challenge you to be done with all of it. No more evaluating. Replace it with connection and healthy action.

I encourage you to go forward listening to your own internal gauge. You know if you made a choice that doesn’t align with what you’re striving for. If you did, decide to learn something or tweak your strategy and move forward. Move forward. Don’t spend any more time thinking about it or questioning it. Stressing about whether you’re making healthy choices isn’t healthy. Don’t spend any more energy judging whether you are worthy or beautiful. Connect. Adjust your sails. Go forward. Let your best body happen. Replace micromanagement with connection and action.

Also remember: two steps forward, one step back is still moving forward. You will not be perfect. You will be human. And your progress will probably not be a clear, straight line. But that doesn’t mean you’re not moving forward. Just imagine where you could be a year from now. Keep cultivating the change inside. Keep nurturing your mind. Continue being grateful for your body. Continue taking care of yourself. Get so good at taking care of yourself.


Some closing affirmations + mantras going forward:

I nourish my body.

I respect my body.

I am grateful for my body.

I am a mover.

I give myself permission to enjoy great food.

I am capable of changing my personal eating culture.

I know what my body needs.

I deserve to feel amazing.

Do any of these strike a chord? Use the affirmations that seem to hit the hardest or create your own. Repeat them to yourself. Part of changing what we think begins with what we think about ourselves. If it’s difficult for you to say these things about yourself, you my have found the affirmation for you! Write them daily in your planner, tape them to your mirror, or set an alarm on your phone for a 3pm “I am capable!” reminder. Let yourself believe it and give yourself lots of reminders.


As you may have guessed, this four weeks was not meant to deliver up a brand new you, but instead provide the framework for a shift, a new start, a fresh perspective, and new tools to approach your goals throughout your life. I encourage you to type up and print your best body goal, mindful body philosophy, and mindful eating philosophy. Keep them in a place you can read and re-read daily. Revisit them, tweak them, and let them be a part of your evolution to a more mindful body.

Included in each week’s summary are resources to continue and to expand on what we’ve started. Remember that you always have access to this course material and on demand classes. I hope you'll continue to use them to work toward your goals. If there is one thing I hope you take away for life, it’s that you start every day by giving yourself permission to feel worthy of feeling great, healing, and change.  

Thank you for joining me for The Mindful Body Course! Wishing you many great things ahead! I also hope to have some more on demand classes coming for you this year. If you enjoyed this course please leave a review below.

All The Best!