the next step

Ok, so using the formula of motivation + strategy + mindset + support = realistic goal is really important as you set goals and going forward as you create your mindful body philosophy. It also emphasizes your plan of action as being realistic not the goal itself. Like I said before, the very use of the word "realistic" makes me feel kind of defeated already. It almost suggests I can't do it or I shouldn't shoot so high; Like I can't have big expectations, goals, or dreams. Make sure you keep it realistic. mwah mwah. So let's remember realistic only applies to the stuff that's going to get us there. What do I have in place to support me in this quest?

I like this idea of realistic goal setting as sustainable change. Rather than tempering and squashing our big picture goal, instead of thinking we can't do it because it doesn't feel realistic, let's believe in ourselves. Let’s honor ourselves and what we’re capable of and then make sure we have all the elements for success in place. Let's factor in the very real challenges and our very human limitations to create a realistic plan to our huge goals.

Once we have a goal that fits our life and a strategy to get there, we want to break our goal into pieces and steps. This is the second part of making sustainable change. Creating a shift in our life for good. In it's simplest form, it goes back to our questions we should be asking ourselves everyday, "What can I do today to work toward my best body?" and "What can I do right now to enjoy my best today?"

With my goal to finish books, instead of starting with where I'd like to end up (one book per week), I chose something that I could both succeed in and benefit from succeeding. When I was able to identify the essence of what I actually wanted to get out of it, which was finishing, I was able to choose a starting place that would both bring me success and propel me forward. It has to be challenging enough that we feel something when we succeed and doable enough that we will succeed. Before I could break it down, it took working through the equation to identify what was at the heart of my goal.

Once I complete reading my first book, I will have acquired a new habit and skill. I will have finished something. I will have the opportunity to think of myself differently. I'm a reader and a finisher! In a practical sense, I'll be able to identify ways to improve the next months' strategy. And I'll slowly be able to take my reading up a level. Once I've mastered one aspect, I'll be ready to master the next. Reading more, reading different kinds of books, joining a book club. Wherever I decide best aligns with who I'm striving to be.

As you go through making your goals more sustainable, we’ll be starting with making small steps that allow you to feel that I’m a yogi! I nourish my body! I’m getting strong! Whatever that is for you, it’s a place where you feel and recognize the shift happening. We want to get you there ASAP and we want that progress to keep going. As a general rule, you can begin every new week with a new teeny tiny step. I’ll hold my plank ten more seconds, I’ll stick to sweets made from whole food ingredients, I’ll eat greens with every meal. These are the type of small wins we want to be experiencing on a regular basis. Set yourself up to win. Then let yourself enjoy every single win, big or teeny tiny.

The next step // nourish

We’ve already started this idea of sustainable steps with your eating from week one. Your first objective was to observe your habits, thoughts, and emotions surrounding eating. Then you were to make one small, doable adjustment. Being week four, you have now had the opportunity to make several small changes or addendums to your initial change. What have you observed so far? As you’ve gone through the course has your focus shifted?

Now that you have a clear, more evolved best body goal and plan, what next step would you like to make? What could you do this week?

the next step // move

With movement, our primary goal has been and will remain daily movement - no matter what. Doing any type of movement six days per week was our very first step toward sustainable change. It is our habit, our ritual, our quiet time, our social time, our meditation. It is self care in the purest form.

The beauty of daily movement is that one day that can mean sweat and shaking, while another day that can mean breath and patience. The flexibility is vital to the health of our minds and bodies. It means we always have the freedom to honor the ups and downs of energy, schedules, and emotions while maintaining consistency. It is discipline on a silver platter of self-love and connection.

Now that we’ve had several weeks to practice this first step, we can begin to layer new small steps. Gradually we want to get to a point where our bodies crave the movement. We want to see ourselves as movers; that it’s a part of us. So what is your next small step? Now that you’re a mover, what’s next?

Some ideas: Stack an extra on demand class into one of your workouts, add an incline to your run/walk on the treadmill, carve out an extra ten minutes two days this week, foam roll before your run, hold your teaser/boat pose an extra three breaths.