your mindfulbody

Now is your chance to read through all of your journal entries throughout the course. Based on how you answered the questions, you’ll write your own mindful body philosophy. This will be general and all-encompassing, painting a picture and connecting the dots between your mind, body, and life. Having your own philosophy is what allows you to make intuitive decisions on the spot. It allows you to mindfully choose and it allows you to continuously progress based on your own life. The most important thing is that it rings true and you feel something when you read it, that you see your best body vision and all that it affords you.

You can continue adjusting your goals as your mindfulness increases and you live more inline with your mindful body philosophy. As we approach the time for you to write your own philosophy, I thought I'd share mine to give you an idea of basically what it's meant to be. You don't need to structure it like mine, but try to use some of the same elements.

I see myself playing on the beach with my kids. I see myself feeling strong in a yoga class, doing things I've never done before, trying the hard thing. I see my best body as freedom. Freedom getting dressed. Freedom eating. Freedom moving. When it comes to eating, I feel best on a pescatarian diet. But I mostly don't want to think too much about it.  I want to eat intuitively and approach everything as an option. I want to trust myself. I want to push myself in my workouts and prioritize rest. I want to enjoy leisure time to recharge and have the energy to care for myself and the people I love.



Based on your mindful body philosophy and the answers in your journal, write your own mindful body eating philosophy. The purpose of creating your own philosophy is to create a framework for intuitive eating. It is the structure that allows you to go out and make mindful decisions from your gut. You can do it this way because you have a clear philosophy that is a part of you. It’s also serves as a home base when all your friends try a new crash diet or when you get off course. It’s purpose is to guide you to your best body goal while serving your long-term future. This is where you state what you value about food and your relationship with it. Your philosophy should bring you both mental AND physical health.

As you develop your philosophy, you'll want overall guidelines that allow you to make easy decisions, you’ll want a couple hard and fast rules, and you’ll want a few priorities to guide you through different situations. I recommend developing your own good, better, best system - that way no matter where you are, if your best, most ideal choice isn't available you can settle for good instead of, "if I can't be perfect, to hell with it all".

Some examples: I prioritize whole, real, good quality food. I start my day with water everyday. I can have three bites of anything. I eat veggies with every meal. At a party, I can have whatever I want, but I have to start with veggies and fruit and water. I don’t eat anything that will make me feel like I have to burn it off - ain’t nobody got time for that. Dairy makes me feel terrible so I stick to non-dairy alternatives. It’s not a meal if there’s not bread, so I make sure to get greens too.