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Let's look at our best body goal. Before we identify what specifically needs to happen to get us where we want to go and before we can break it down into small sustainable steps, we want to look at all the things we know we are not doing. Because I'm guessing you already know (at least kind of) what you need to do to have the body you want. So let's identify why we aren't already there. Why aren't we making those choices that will get us where we need to go?

Is it because I am unwilling and maybe this isn't a goal I value as much as I think I do?

Is it because I struggle mustering the motivation in the moment?

Is my mindset getting the best of me and I'm feeling defeated, like it doesn't matter, or I don't deserve to look/feel fantastic?

Have I not created a strategy to get me there?

Is my strategy not sustainable?

Am I fighting against my environment, lifestyle or social life?

Now - we can decide if we need a new goal, if we need to find ways to motivate ourselves, do some mental work (by way of meditation, affirmations, change of routine, and/or change of scenery), seek new support, address an unhealthy environment, develop a kick-ass strategy, or tweak our current strategy. (We'll talk more about these elements later)


Now, let’s look at our personal eating culture. We want to identify the parts of eating we really enjoy and value, the parts that feel like too much work, and our pitfalls when it comes to enjoying eating well. Remember how we’re not setting goals for an imaginary you? Let’s make a plan that makes sense for you without pretending you don’t love donuts or pasta or whatever it is you love.

If you love chocolate chip cookies, for example, we want you to enjoy them in a way that makes life feel full. You want to enjoy the real thing that brings the pleasure. When you do this, you can decide to live without the stuff that ranks lower on the enjoyment scale. If you love a meal surrounded by the people you love, we want you to eat good food surrounded with your friends and family. We would definitely want you to avoid eating solo over the sink. We want to maximize our joy when we eat. We want to savor. And we want to completely nix the guilt. Get rid of the idea of off limit foods. You’re a grown up! You can eat whatever you want! This doesn’t discount the value of good nutrition. However, most of us have processed the information we’ve learned about nutrition as good vs bad food, perpetuating an unhealthy relationship with eating. Instead let’s see cause and effect. What does this food do for me? We can choose food for their nutritional value or their enjoyment value. When there is nutrition and enjoyment our whole selves are nourished. Nourishment is what we’re going for.

Rule #1 is all delicious food must be enjoyed wholly.

Rule #2 is eat healthy foods that you love.

Enjoying what you eat is vital if you don’t want to find yourself rifling through the pantry at 11pm. When you enjoy what you put in your mouth and the experience of it, all the other stuff that we don’t care for, we can choose to do without. And the stuff we truly don’t like, we can find a solution to. Hate veggies? Find a green drink you can guzzle or get a new cookbook. Struggle with portion control? Give yourself permission to eat 1/2 a portion of whatever you want until you’re able to balance nutrition and portion control (I think letting go of the idea of good and bad foods is essential to managing portions). Don’t have time to food prep? Buy chopped veggies from the grocery store or a salad bar. Some restaurants will even sell larger family-sized sides and veggies (this is something I utilize often).

Some questions to sleep on before you hit your journal:

What do you believe about food? Do you have some false ideas that hold you back? Have you had some unhealthy patterning in your life?

What foods and rituals do you really enjoy? This could be early morning tea or late night dinners with friends. What makes life feel full to you?

What rituals, habits, or philosophies do you value? Have you read anything that has resonated with you?

What foods or habits make you feel great?

What foods or habits make you feel terrible?

Which healthy foods are hard for you to make yourself eat?

What have you learned about yourself from dieting/goal setting in the past? We are our best teachers. What can you learn from your own experience?

What kind of nourishment and eating habits do you envision as part of attaining and maintaining your best body? Picture your whole life.

move well

Now for your personal movement culture. If you hate your workout, no matter how effective it is, you’re not going to do it (at least not for long). Remember how your best you is still you? So if you’re going to get up at 6 am for a class, make it a class that makes you feel awesome and truly makes your day better. Please don’t be a masochist because you think it’s the only way. Being that we want to move everyday, your movement routine can and should include several different activities along with several different ways/places you can do them. Season to season you’ll find your routine evolving with the weather and your vibe. You want to have enough options to be a perennial mover. I’ve included some great on demand movement options (in the week summary) to try in addition to my Classes. I find it especially necessary to have variety if you are working out at home often.

A few more questions to think about before you take them to your journal. Your answers will be important as we get more into strategy next week.

What types of movement do you most enjoy?

What aspects of exercise do you enjoy or value? Is it the social aspect, the time to yourself, the actual sweat, or the actual sensation of movement?

What aspects of exercise/movement do you loathe? Is it having to change your clothes? Needing to shower after? Someone yelling at you? Your responses should shape what your movement routine should look like.

What do you want to be able to do physically? Is there something that’s always been at the back of your mind?

How do you see regular movement + physical challenge fitting into your life? This is your life rhythm. How do you see it working?

What kind of movement habits do you envision as part of attaining and maintaining your best body?