Prep the body to stay active through pregnancy, manage pressure, and learn important information to prevent many common issues. We’ll look deeply at the body and condition the deep core system to provide you with the information + tools you need for pregnancy.

Initial Session | $80 3 Sessions | $235 6 Sessions | $450


Stay strong and empowered for the best experience possible during this special time. We look at the body as a whole and work to improve comfort levels, prepare for delivery, and decrease the risk + severity of many common issues.

Initial Session | $90 6 Sessions | $498 12 Sessions | $960


In-depth, goal-oriented training to reconnect and promote healing. Address pelvic floor dysfunction and Diastasis Recti. Regain strength, function, and ease in movement to feel unstoppable in your body. Includes access to Postpartum Essentials On Demand with access to me via email to answer any questions that come up for the duration of your program. We start with a foundational session to determine the right program for you and set realistic goals. There’s no commitment to begin a program when scheduling your foundational session.

90 min Foundational Session | $110

6 week 3 month 6 month

1 x month $95/mo $95/mo

1 x week $510 $360/mo $337/mo

2 x week $1,020 $640/mo. $600/mo

3 x week $1,530 $975/mo $910/mo

Best Body

A fitness-focused program for dynamic, whole-body movement. This can serve as the next step after completing the Postnatal Program, once symptoms are gone and the core is stable.  

Private | 8 Sessions | $600

Duet | 8 Sessions | $320/e

Trio | 8 Sessions | $240/e