Bring the studio home with a thoughtfully designed program. For mamas + movers.


E X T E N S I O N  + S T A B I L I T Y

What your body's asking for.

Balance the body with this 45 minute reformer class focusing on the hips, thoracic spine, & shoulders. The best way to describe this class is yummy. You will get deep into every nook and cranny, reversing the effects of  a modern lifestyle. The intent is to both mobilize and stabilize those tricky areas like the hip flexors & shoulder girdle. It is an intermediate to advanced technical level and intermediate intensity.



This is the place to start

Build the foundation to get back to your active life with proven strategies for postpartum recovery; at the appropriate challenge level to progress with you. Connect, align, and strengthen with this three phase series  (each only 12-20 minutes long) designed for the fourth trimester and beyond. Safe and intended for diastasis recti and general pelvic floor weakness after baby. Enjoy educational bonus material to facilitate progress and enhance your experience. Each phase offers two audio options to enhance your experience and facilitate progress.



This is your core.

Move, breathe, and flow through this efficient 20 minute sequence.  It's deep core work combined with whole body movement for a strong, balanced center. Gain an understanding of how to connect with deep muscles and the role of the breath & work from the inside out. Completion of Postpartum Essentials is recommended prior to starting this.



C R E A T I V I T Y  &  T H E  T E A C H E R

Purposeful play.

This 45 minute workshop is an exploration of practical ways to use resourcefulness and creativity to effect more valuable experiences for our clients and to be more fulfilled as teachers. The objective is for every teacher to complete this workshop feeling empowered by their own voice, better able to communicate their intention, having gained a deeper understanding of the purpose behind the work.