What you'll need

A mat

Printable workbook/a course journal or notebook

20-40 minutes daily

How to use this course

Commit to a daily movement practice.

Read each weekly lesson and complete the mindfulness exercises in your course journal.

Use the audio as a companion to the reading (but don't skip the text or you'll miss something).

Dedicate time to your journal/notebook coursework. Your success is based largely on completing the journal work. I encourage you to explore each question beyond the obvious. Keep writing. When something pops into your mind, write it down.

By The end of the month

You will have identified what your best body looks and feels like.

You will have identified a path to your best body.

You will have developed a daily movement ritual that fits your life.

You will have developed your own mindful body philosophy to evolve with you wherever life takes you.

You will have taken the first important steps of living a mindful, fit life, for life.

You will have identified what you need to do to feel your best and be your best, wherever life takes you.

You will walk away with this course, workouts, and journal work to reference as you continue to make progress toward your mindful body.