What your body's asking for.

Balance the body with this 45 minute reformer class focusing on the hips, thoracic spine, & shoulders. The best way to describe this class is yummy. You will get deep into every nook and cranny, reversing the effects of  a modern lifestyle. The intent is to both mobilize and stabilize those tricky areas like the hip flexors & shoulder girdle. It is an intermediate to advanced technical level and intermediate intensity.


The thought and detail behind my exploration in the studio. I share spring settings, cues, & breath patterns for you to workshop on your own.


Use resourcefulness and creativity to effect more valuable experiences for your clients and to be more fulfilled as a teacher. I explore specific approaches and key elements that enable us to root our creativity in the Pilates principles and repertoire. I discuss and workshop what makes an effective variation and what makes an effective teacher, getting into creative cuing, variations, and sequencing. The objective is for you to feel empowered by your own voice, better able to communicate your intention, having gained a deeper understanding of the purpose behind the work. 


Your filming, editing and graphics were exceptionally beautiful and well done. In general I felt like you were speaking to someone like me who cares about the deeper level of work and what the client gets out of it. You very politely discuss doing variations with a purpose. So many good nuggets in here!
— Jill Harris, Informed Body Pilates
I’m currently training as a mat pilates teacher. Your knowledge and teaching techniques are really inspiring and so valuable. I’m in the beginning phase of my supervised teaching at the moment and watching Creativity and The Teacher has filled me with excitement but also the need and desire to keep learning so much more.
— Victoria