How do I know if I could benefit from postpartum training?

If you find yourself not rebuilding strength the way you hoped; If you’re experiencing back pain, pelvic pain, leaking (even a small amount), or your belly doesn’t seem to want to flatten out; or if you simply don’t know where to start and need some guidance.

How could I benefit from preconception training?

Prevention and education are key. There's no way to predict exactly what lies ahead, but starting with balanced strength, a deep core connection, and the tools to manage and adapt will empower you as you avoid and decrease the severity of many common issues. Many common problems come down to how your body adapts to the growth and hormonal changes. Taking the opportunity to optimize movement and breath patterns before your body goes through these changes will set you up to start on the right foot to adapt more efficiently and with the right knowledge.

What can I expect from a prenatal program?

Like all programs, we are focused on your individual needs and goals. We will look at the body as whole to improve comfort levels, maintain fitness, and prepare for both delivery and the fourth trimester. There are many preventative measures we can take during pregnancy to improve your birth and recovery experience. We’ll focus on a whole body, multidisciplinary approach. I may also suggest including the support from my village of specialists. This may include a massage therapist, physical therapist, pelvic floor specialist, or nutritionist depending on your situation. I want you to get the right help from the right people.

How does a postpartum program work?

We’ll start with a 90 minute foundational session to assess what’s going on in your body, set “do goals”, and start building a base to build from. From your assessment, we can determine which period of time and frequency is best for your situation with your specific goals in mind. You will also have complimentary access to my on demand program Postpartum Essentials to be used as a supplementary resource. We’ll focus on a whole body, multidisciplinary approach. There’s no one-size-fits-all plan. Smart, effective programming will take mindfulness, feedback, and adaptation.

How do I know when to seek additional help?

If you’ve put in the effort to build a strong foundation and you’re still experiencing symptoms or if you’re experiencing pain on a regular basis, you may benefit from a multidisciplinary approach. Depending on what you have going on, I may recommend reaching out to a pelvic floor specialist, women’s health physical therapist, massage therapist, nutritionist, or somatic therapist. I’ve created a wonderful village of professionals in my local community and across the country with specialists I trust to provide you with the best care available.

How does a Postpartum Foundational Session work?

In this foundational session the main objective is for you to be able to communicate exactly what you want out of your body and for me to be able to make important observations in order to guide you effectively. We’ll start with an assessment including your breath and movement patterns. We’ll discuss your goals, frustrations, and lifestyle. Based on this session, I’ll suggest a program frequency/duration or if you’d do well with my online program, Postpartum Essentials. Some just need to be pointed in the right directions and others need a more comprehensive plan. I’ll explain what we will be able to address through conditioning in the studio and which factors may benefit from some outside help or lifestyle changes to optimize results. I may suggest involving my village of specialists to give you any additional care needed. This may include a massage therapist, physical therapist, pelvic floor specialist, or nutritionist depending on your situation.

How do I know if I can actually be helped?

There is always something you can do for improved quality of life, better function, and to feel strong and beautiful. There is no time limit on healing and it’s never too early to educate, prevent, and build a strong, empowered body. If you have acute symptoms or need comprehensive help, I’ll point you in the direction of the right people to support the work we do in the studio.

How demanding will this be?

We will create a plan that fits your schedule, lifestyle, and energy levels. I will provide you with clear objectives and steps to take. Your success will require your personal engagement, practicing key exercises and incorporating important principles into your daily life. How we implement those things will be molded to your life in a way that is completely doable. If you are willing to be creative, open to healing, and allow yourself to see the possibilities, this can be a wonderful period of nurturing to change your reality for the future in big ways.

Can you really help me?

As a woman who has personally recovered from frustrating postpartum issues, my knowledge extends beyond the studio. I’ve immersed myself in the world of healing and change. I’m invested in your wellbeing because I know the disappointment of feeling like your body has failed you. Each program is focused on getting you to the goals, life, and body you want. We will assess the whole picture of your body and lifestyle so we can identify the best path for you. Change, growth, healing - it all comes through the most comprehensive approach possible.