A SPORT | 3 things to make a lifetime mover out of you // pt 2

Jenny Redford Pilates

Part two of three // First I suggested a movement ritual, something you do everyday, whether it's sun salutations or the Pilates series of five or a walk around your neighborhood after dinner. No matter what, it is how you do your day. The next ties right into it. Having a sport is having a "thing" that's yours. You do it every day, week, or month; it doesn't matter so much how often you are able to do it, because your ritual (what you can do everyday) supports your progress. So biking may be your sport, but maybe you can only get out once a week. Maybe you do 30 minutes on an indoor bike everyday and one hour a week of Pilates to balance your body. This becomes your ritual. Your sport drives you, keeps you excited, invested, gives you a focus. Your ritual gets you where you want to be. Choosing a sport doesn't need to be an actual sport. It just has to be something you really, sincerely like doing. And as I mentioned above, it doesn't have to be something you're able to do everyday; just often enough to keep the momentum. If Pilates is what I love to do but can only make it to reformer class once a week, I create a movement ritual of mat Pilates at home everyday to support my progress. If yoga is what I love, maybe I go to class several times a week and then supplement at home with Pilates. yoga and specific home exercises like handstands with the wall to support my goals. The point is that you are moving forward and you are doing something you enjoy. You are thinking about movement and work in a new framework; how it relates to what you love, rather than checking the box. It's never about the reps, it's about doing, playing, moving forward. 

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