Therapeutic + Cathartic

jenny redford Pilates

There's no denying movement is emotional. For many, the act of daily movement is largely emotional self care. When I teach, it's important for me to recognize the energy we hold and release through movement and breath. Therapeutic movement is when we specifically address the needs of the body. This can often be simple, basic movement to create balance in the body or to address a problem area. And we get into the cathartic movement by creating moments of flow or challenge. We get the blood pumping and the breath flowing. It is as much about the mental and emotional challenge of "I can" as it is about the physical challenge and progression. We will work from both ends of the spectrum and in-between to challenge both the mind and body to work in different ways. We work different muscle fibers as well as sending different messages to the brain. As always, the goal is whole-body health.

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