A RITUAL | 3 things to make a lifetime mover out of you // pt 1

Jenny Redford Pilates

It's an I can't start my day without out coffee and a hot shower kind of thing. Like a routine, but without the monotony, a ritual has a deeper motivation. Instead of something in the external space, what you simply "do". A ritual exists in the internal, what you want and who you are. Instead of something you know you "should" do, it's something you make a point to do -- for you. And it's really all perspective. It's seeing what you're adding to your life, the value in the consistency. It's recognizing the power in building a practice and the inherent satisfaction in the commitment. 

Creating a movement ritual doesn't have to be complicated or take over your life. The most important part of creating it is that it's something you do very regularly and that it aligns with what you want out of life. Whether it is how you like to start your day, end your day, or take your lunch breaks, your ritual is unique to you and your life. It will not always feel easy, but the consistency will carry you forward. Every system in the body benefits from and needs regular movement to thrive. And just like any nutritional supplement you would take, the consistency is where all the benefits are. For longevity, disease prevention, mental/emotional health and improved quality of life, beginning a ritual today has lifelong benefits.

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