Pilates is like an onion....


Layers and layers are what make Pilates so unique, so versatile, and so long-lasting. We work with all the different layers of the body -- tiny stabilizing muscles, alignment of bones, respiration, and large muscle groups -- as well as with each student's individual understanding and readiness to take the next step. In the beginning, Pilates can be a great workout, a chance to breathe, and to feel more connected to to your body. You can learn better movement patterns and correct habits without even realizing it. AND you can very actively fine-tune and heal the body with a deep sense of awareness. The question is always, what are you ready for? And that's were we will start. We can start with better posture and long lean muscles. And then, if you are open to it and put in the work, a complete transformation can happen --  how you move, how you hold yourself, and how you see your body. It all changes. So much is possible. And we start one breath at a time.

Jenny RedfordComment