Getting started with Postpartum Essentials

PPE was designed to build a healthy foundation to progress you back into your active life. It is a three phase series, intended to be done daily and includes bonus material to educate and enable progression. 

What you'll need

Phases one and two don't require any props or equipment beyond a mat. For phase three, you'll need a small 4-8 inch stability ball. You can find them here from theraband, here from amazon, and if you'd like one that also does myofascial massage I recommend this Yamuna ball.

Bonus Material

Each phase comes with two audio options to enhance your experience. In addition to the three phases, the bonus material offers essential tutorials to enable progression. I've also created three playlists especially for each phase. Follow me on Spotify (HELLOBODYPILATES) and get playlists O N E ,  T W O ,  &  T H R E E .