The Breath // a quick guide to breathing well

Jenny Redford // Hello Body Pilates

So here it is, a very simplified guide to breathing well, at home and in the studio.Learning to breathe correctly is often the most challenging part of the practice. I find many students don't fully utilize the breath and aren't really gaining the full benefits of it.  Our goal is ease and elasticity for a nice natural spring-in as we exhale. And a nice full expanse, side to side, front to back, and top to bottom as we inhale. If you lie on your back, you can feel the East-West lateral expanse, as well as the North-South expanse into the pelvic floor. If you kneel in a child's pose, face down,  you can feel the expanse throughout the back-body; the back ribs and lower back. As you practice this full breath, you can send the breath into those areas of tension and restriction. We can use the breath as a tool for stability, mobility, release, and engagement. Proper breathing guides proper muscle engagement, essentially facilitating the work without unneeded muscle or tension. The breath is your very best tool to move efficiently and to gain all the benefits of your practice. So let go. Breathe loud, full, complete breaths of life.