Body Love

Not a Piece of Meat

Maybe it's being a mama to a baby girl -- I hear a lot about "loving your body" and the conversation always feels a little flimsy. Don't get me wrong, I love beautiful musculature and curves. I am not above wanting to lose the baby weight. And I think the body is beautiful and meant to be so. But I don't believe happiness is found at the end of a skinny rainbow. And I don't buy into "I love my curves (but I treat my body like crap)"/"I'm not that superficial (so I ignore my body)". I certainly don't have all the answers. Every one of us is so different. I do think that culturally there is a lot of shame surrounding our bodies and that "fitness" can often have very little to do with how fit and capable the body actually is. If you find yourself having a hard time loving your body, start by doing something good for it. I don't know of any kind of healthy relationship that was ever built on treating someone like crap, talking bad about them, or ignoring them. Genetics be genetics and you will age. Life will beat you up a bit. At some point we better accept that. I have inches of stretched out skin on this tummy, just like my mom and just like my sister. It's kind of upsetting some days. But my point is that loving your body is not going to come from staring into a mirror hoping one day you'll like what you see. As women, we get to change the conversation to appreciating the beauty with the power and precision and LIFE of our bodies. The loving is in the doing. Our physical practices are linked in a major way with our spiritual and mental health. I am not a piece of meat, and neither are you.

Jenny RedfordComment