What to expect in your Pilates session

What makes the perfect Pilates session?

While every session for every person will vary, and session to session you can expect lots of variety, there are some specific things you can expect from your Hello Body session. I've shared a typical outline (call it my recipe) of a session to ensure you walk out feeling sensational every time. And more than that, every session should feel like an investment and a great, awesome step in your progress. So you're building something with every visit.

Roll + Release | I like to start by bringing some blood flow and gentle release to the muscles using Yamuna balls, a roller, and/or the pinkie ball. This can be brief or in-depth, depending on your preferences and your body's needs.

Connect + Heat | Warming up, I always say it's best to start deep. We begin with the breath and basic organization of the body. By allowing your mind and body to connect with simple movement, you'll be ready for more challenging work as the heat builds and the session progresses.

Complete Body Work | Both targeted and whole-body exercises utilizing 360 degrees of movement. We will vary resistance, pace, and range of motion to work the body as completely as possible. Leave no stone unturned, I say! This takes up the majority of time for the majority of clients.

Focused Work | If you've come with specific goals or concerns, along with enjoying a full body experience, we will take the time to focus in. Typically this involves working to correct those postural issues and imbalances that cause chronic discomfort or injury. 

Get Deep | Finishing the session with some focused stretching and rolling is like locking in all the good you've just done for your body. It ensures you walk out feeling long and free of tension (you have been working hard after all). 

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