What you'll need

A mat

Printable workbook received at checkout

Notebook/journal for workbook exercises, goal setting, progress.

20-40 minutes daily

How to use this course

Commit to a daily movement and meditation practice 6x per week. There are 6 workouts and 3 meditations included to get you started.

Read or listen to each weekly lesson and complete the mindfulness exercises in your course journal. The complete lesson is in both audio and text formats so you can choose the option that works best for you.

Dedicate time to your journal/workbook coursework. Print it or save a copy to your desktop. I recommend using your day off from movement and meditation as your day to complete the coursework after you’ve listened to the corresponding lessons throughout the week.

By the end of this course

You will have a clear picture of what your best body looks and feels like.

You will have identified and started on your path to your best body.

You will have developed a daily movement ritual that fits your life.

You will have developed your own mindful body philosophy to evolve with you wherever life takes you.

You will have taken the first important steps of living a mindful, fit life, for life.

You will walk away with this course, workouts, and journal work to reference as you continue to make progress toward your mindful body.