J e n n y

R e d f o r d


Comprehensive Pilates Teacher, Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Pilates Method Alliance CPT, Co-founder The Teachers Collective

Jenny began teaching Pilates and yoga in 2005 as a means to heal herself; and over and over again has found new healing from intelligent, intuitive movement. Teaching in studios from coast to coast and working with mentors from many schools of thought, Jenny’s varied background has given her unlimited tools to teach smart, effective movement to a wide range of clients. Over her career, Jenny has received hundreds of hours of complimentary training and continuing education covering topics including anatomy, injury protocols, pelvic floor health, breath, meditation, fascia, scoliosis, gait and perinatal health.

When she saw the the tremendous need for good perinatal information following her own pregnancies, Jenny immersed herself in the world of women’s health. She trained as a postpartum corrective exercise specialist and specializes in women’s health issues relating to pregnancy, postpartum recovery, and functional women’s fitness. Her aim is to provide an effective and whole body approach for women to heal, strengthen, thrive and age well.

Known by her clients for dynamic sequencing, attention to detail, and her way of making you sweat just the right amount, Jenny is always ready to meet you where you are. All programing is lead with mindfulness and embraces a dynamic, multidisciplinary approach to provide you with the tools to move and live better. She brings in elements from yoga, dance, and meditation combined with a good beat for a unique movement experience, always customized to your needs.