J e n n y

R e d f o r d

Comprehensive Pilates Teacher, Pilates Method Alliance CPT, Ashtanga-vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist, co-founder The Teachers collective

Jenny Redford

Jenny is known by her clients for dynamic, flowing sequencing, attention to detail, and a subtle way of making you work just the right amount. With 14 years of experience teaching from coast to coast and working with mentors from many schools of thought, her varied background has given her unlimited tools to teach smart, effective movement to a wide range of clients.

Over her career, Jenny has received hundreds of hours of complimentary training and continuing education covering topics including injury protocols, pelvic floor health, breath, meditation, fascia, scoliosis, and perinatal health. Her teaching draws inspiration from her yoga practice, her former life as a ballet dancer, and her own perinatal experience to provide tools for others to move and live better.

Jenny began creating on demand options to bring a studio experience home. Every program is intended to provide the quality instruction and content you’d receive from leading teachers and studios. Whether it’s an occasional busy day or a season of nap-time only workouts, your progress doesn’t have to suffer when you can’t make it into the studio.

Jenny’s love for working side-by-side with other teachers is what brought her to start The Teachers Collective and provide teacher education. She loves the give and take from being surrounded by her peers. Sharing what she’s been lucky enough to learn through training and experience with other teachers is an honor and always a highlight for her. It’s always about elevating her field as a whole so all teachers can add more value to what they offer their clients.